What if the European Parliament would have commissioned us to promote the 2014 elections…

Explaining the functioning of Europe on an online course: a MOOC by Alberto Alemano

EU Commission promoting innovation and sharing ideas

Telecom Single Package 2 - more on data roaming

Eurogypsum - promoting sustainable construction

Explaining a complex European Policy in 3 minutes

A marathon of 48hrs to catch up with the amazing level of the Europe’s Intel Business Challenge participants. And the result of the two first days of coaching and business feedbacks of 24 teams coming from 10 different countries packed in a 3mn video.

These teams certainly represent some of the next big achievements in technology, biotechnologies and public policies.

For the Campaign RESET GREECE, the Member of the European Parliament Mr.Jorgo Chatzimarkakis commissioned us a 3-minutes video for the launch of the event on the 15th of May 2013.

Showreel Old Continent 2013

This is a visual resume of the works we have produced in the last months.

All rights belong to their respective owners

Old Continent, together with Eurobubble’s author Yacine Kouhen, produced a series of 12 short episodes on the life of European workers. With about 2500 fans on Facebook and more than 30’000 cumulated views, it linked people from 20 nationalities in a year-long collaborative project.

Currently broadcasted on youtube : youtube.com/channel/UCi5QzDVazNy7gOzwGZO8TCw

Wilhelm & Co is the Belgian specialist of city’s rejuvenation through the construction of liveable Shopping areas, Public Spaces and Housings. They commissioned us a presentation for the MIPIM fair in 2013.  

As we work with incredible people spread between Europe and the rest of the world, we thought they deserved a short video to introduce them on our portfolio page. All rights to their respective owners. 

Spacetec Partners commissioned us a 5 minutes video to present the benefits and ongoing actions of the EC-funded PPRD South program, which deal with natural and man-made risks in Mediterranean area.

The Goethe Institut commissioned us an editing for the celebration of the Wagner / Verdi bicentenary in 2013. The interview has been recorded by them and the opera is the work of Alain Platel, the Belgian choreographer.

EUROBUBBLE is the first web-series on the work and life of European young professionals. We are responsible of the production and post-production of the whole series, together with Yacine Kouhen, its author and co-producer.